Friday, November 28, 2014

NFL Week 13 Rankings and Picks

Week 12 was a mixed bag. We kicked some booty on Sides but lost on Totals. The weekend would have been top notch if St. Louis would have played smarter inside the 5 at the end of the game in San Diego and/or Kansas City just would have beaten Oakland to notch our Teaser. When the Thursday game goes down in a Teaser, it is always wise to replay with the remaining games since we rarely ever have more than one game go bad. For our Daily Fantasy game ranking, most of our Sleepers came in nicely. Since Bill already covered Thursday's games, I am only going to list players for Sunday's Daily game and lines.
Top rankings for Best Team contests (in order)
QB: Brady, Rodgers, Manning, Roethlisberger, Luck, Brees
RB: Bell, Lacy, Arrington, Forsett, Charles, Ingram, Morris
WR: Hilton, Brown, D. Thomas, Green, Evans, Beckham Jr, Sanders, Nelson, Benjamin
TE: Gronk, Graham, Thomas, Kelce, Olsen, Donnell, Walker
D: Arizona, Minnesota, St. Louis, Buffalo, Cleveland

Sleepers for Best Team contests
QB: McCoy, Bridgewater
RB: Mason, Jackson (JAX), Herron
WR: Landry, Brown (AZ)
TE: Rivera, Rudolph


Indianapolis vs. Washington O51 - we go back to the well with the Colts again. We expect the Colts offense to regain their compass to the end zone. As for Washington, no one expected to read this at the start of the year, but we expect Colt McCoy to make their offense relevant again. After watching DJax and Pierre Garcon waste away with RGIII under center, this week will be different, much to Garcon's glee since he is coming home. Play the Over 26 in the first half for 6 units and the Over 51 in the game for 6 units.

Baltimore -6 vs. San Diego - the Chargers escaped again last week in a game they should have lost. They play poorly in EST, especially against better teams. With RB Justin Forsett giving the Ravens a well-rounded offense, we expect an easy win for them to stay in the hunt for the division title with the rest of the division. Play the Ravens in the first half for 8 units at -3 as well as 8 units in the game at -6.

Pittsburgh -5 vs. New Orleans - the Steelers are coming off the Bye week, which was helpful in getting their banged up defense a bit healthier and back on the field. The Saints are coming off an unheard of 3-game losing home. They rarely play well on the road, especially outdoors, and are playing in one of the NFL's most hostile environments. It looks like bad news again for the Saints, but they will STILL have a good chance at winning the division when the other 3 NFC South teams lose. Play the Steelers for 15 units in the first half at -2.5 as well as the game at -5. Also, play 7 units on the Over Steelers Team Total of 29.

Minnesota -2.5 vs. Carolina - As mentioned above, it could be another week of NFC South teams losing. Carolina is missing a running game, their defense is playing poorly and Cam is a sham in the cold north. The Vikings defense is definitely their strong suit and defensed Aaron Rodgers nicely last week. Play the Vikings for 7 units in the first half at -1.5 as well as 7 units in the game at -2.5.

Arizona -2 at Atlanta and U45 - The Falcons at home used to be money, but they have no running game, no defense and are playing one of the NFL's stingiest defenses. While the Cardinals don't score a lot, they won't need to on Sunday. J.J. Arrington may win this game all by himself. Play the Cards for 10 units in the first half and game, 7 units on the U22.5 in the first half and U45 in the game and a 2-unit parlay on the Cards and under in the first half and 2 units on the Cards and Under in the game.

Kansas City vs. Denver U49 - It is always a bit risky to bet a game Under that Denver plays in but playing at Arrowhead is one of those times. You have to feel that KC won't run up half the total on their own. They will use ball-control to keep Peyton off the field and their D is solid enough to prevent a blowout. Play the U49 in the game for 6 units.

6-point Teaser Of The Week (7-to-1 odds) for 1 units
  • Cleveland +9.5
  • Baltimore Pick
  • Arizona +4
  • Arizona/ATL U51
  • Patriots +9
  • Steelers +1 

Season record
  • Sides   27-27  (-32.3 units)
  • Overs   17-13 (+22.7 units)
  • Parlay   1-7  (-8.8 units)
  • Teaser   1-10 (-4.0 units)
  • Moneyline 4-6  (+2.6 units)

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving NFL Action

With 3 games on Thanksgiving, it is a perfect day for a non-Sunday Daily Mano y Mano Fantasy contest. Below are my rankings for those contests. Good luck!

QB: Romo, Stafford, Sanchez, Wilson, Cutler, Kaepernick
RB: Murray, McCoy, Forte, Lynch, Bell, Gore
WR: Bryant, Megatron, Marshall, Maclin, Matthews, Jeffrey, Tate, Boldin, Baldwin, Crabtree, Beasley, Kearse
TE: Witten, Bennett, Celek, Davis, Ebron, Moeaki
D: Detroit, Seattle, San Fran, Philly, Chicago, Dallas

The Turkey Day games are pretty fairly priced. I would recommend a three-team 7-point dog teaser (+1.5 odds) for 2 units (2 to win 3).
  • Chicago +14
  • Philly +10
  • Seattle +8.5

Fantasy Playoffs Approacheth

Another week and the NFC South standings are still gridlocked. Of course, that is due to another 0-4 run by the division. It is embarrassing to think that one of those four teams, and it could be ANY of them, will host a playoff game. Even the Raiders would not be out of the running if they were in that division. On the flip side, EVERY team in the AFC North could lose all of their remaining games and would most likely have a better record than the eventual NFC South champ.

Speaking of the Raiders, I was not shocked in the least that they beat the Chiefs. That type of game has happened far too many times already this season not to expect it to continue. This week looks like it could be the Bengals turn to lose a game that, on paper, they shouldn't. Fortunately, we also get some good games in the mix as well, such as Miami-Denver, Dallas-Giants and San Diego-St. Louis.

A few notes from Week 12:
  • Jeff Fisher was able to call another perfect fake punt and put his team in position to win at San Diego. Unfortunately, QB Shaun Hill had a mental misfire and tried to force a game-winning pass into heavy traffic instead of playing conservative and settling for a game-tying field goal, at the very least.
  • Thanks to a record-setting snowstorm, the people of Detroit got a reminder that they should be happy that their Lions still have hope for the season, even after getting drilled in Foxboro, by getting to watch a true NFL aberration in the New York Jets perform for them for free.
  • OK, I am done writing off Cleveland. They have been chosen as a Team of Destiny this season. I do find happiness that they committed to QB Brian Hoyer and stuck with him all season instead of giving into the Johnny Manziel hype. At least they beat Denver in that regard (reference of Denver creating the ruckus back in the Tim Tebow fervor).
  • The slate of Thanksgiving games this year will provide plenty of drama with a lot on the line in each game. It rarely works out like that so that is something to be thankful for this year.

With December and fantasy football playoffs right around the corner, it is time to make that last waiver wire claims that could put you over the edge for getting paid.

QB: Ryan Tannehill (MIA) - it has been a love/hate relationship with Tannehill this season but he is turning is more good games than bad lately. He had a stellar performance in Denver last week, accounting for 4 scores, and gets the Jets this week. With many other QBs struggling, yes, we are looking at you Jay Cutler, Tannehill is a nice fill-in this week if available.

RB: Latavius Murray (OAK) - the Raiders finally showed a sense of intelligence, not sure if it was purposely or not. However, they finally got Murray into the offense and he showed why Darren McFadden and MoJo will not be wearing black-and-silver next season. As long as he is healthy, he is their feature back for the remainder of the season.

RB: LeGarrette Blount (NE) - last week was a new low for Bill Belichick and his ability to crush fantasy football owners. Maybe it wouldn't have went down like it did if Jonas Gray did not miss a team meeting, but to completely bench him and put faith in malcontent Blount was unjustified. Blount owners who had him as a handcuff to La'Veon Bell and dropped him after he was released by Pittsburgh were almost as furious as Gray owners.

RB: Dan "Boom" Herron (IND) - much like the Raiders, the Colts made a long overdue change in their backfield as well. Herron has been wasted on the bench while Trent Richardson has plodded his way to next-to-nothingness since being acquired from Cleveland. TRich will still get some carries, but Herron figures to be the main back in Indy going forward.

WR: Charles Johnson (MINN) - it is not easy to start a Vikings' WR right now, but, if you have to, it appears that Johnson is your man after back-to-back good games. He is not going to produce Mike Evans' numbers, but he did put up 3/52/1 this past week and has Carolina and the Jets next on his schedule as fantasy playoffs arrive.

WR: Jarvis Landry (MIA) - another solid week for Landry as Miami's WR2 as he delivered with 7 catches for 50 yards and 2 scores! Miami is playing very well on offense, particularly in the passing game.......and they get the Jets this week.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

NFL Week 12 Rankings and Picks

Weather begins to play a big factor in NFL games when it comes to wagering and setting fantasy lineups. While we don’t expect this current spate of bad weather to be the norm, make sure that you are taking it into account going forward. Dome games become much more enticing, especially for Daily/Weekly fantasy lineups. I am tweaking these ranking a bit to align with our current contests; Daily Best Team and Daily Touchdown Only contests.

Top rankings for Best team (in order)
QB: Luck, Rodgers, Manning, Brady, Ryan, Brees, Kaepernick
RB: Charles, Murray, Lacy, McCoy, Forte, Foster, Ingram
WR: D. Thomas, Bryant, Nelson, Evans, Marshall, Gordon, Maclin, Hilton, Jeffery, J. Jones, T. Smith (Bal), Cobb, Beckham Jr
TE: Gronk, Graham, Gates, Kelce, Donnell, Bennett
K: Vinatieri, Tucker, Bryant, Zuerlein, Goskowski, Bullock, Dawson
D: Kansas City, St. Louis, Philly, San Fran, Seattle, Dallas, Houston

Sleepers for Best team (in order)
QB: Hoyer, Flacco, McCown, Sanchez
RB: D. Robinson, Tre Mason, Isaiah Crowell, Charles Sims
WR: Britt, Shorts III, Wayne, Hawkins, Landry
TE: Fleener, Rivera, Lewis, Cook

Top rankings for TD Only (in order)
QB: Luck, Rodgers, Ryan, Manning, Brady, Brees, Kaepernick
RB: Charles, Lacy, Murray, Foster, Ingram, McCoy, Forte
WR: D. Thomas, Bryant, Nelson, Evans, Marshall, Gordon, J. Jones, Maclin, Hilton, Jeffery, T. Smith (Bal), Cobb, Beckham Jr
TE: Gronk, Graham, Donnell, Gates, Kelce, Bennett
D: Kansas City, Houston, Philly, St. Louis, San Fran, Seattle, Dallas

Sleepers for TD Only (in order)
QB: Flacco, McCown, Hoyer, Sanchez
RB: Isaiah Crowell, D. Robinson, Tre Mason, Chris Ivory, Joique Bell, Jonas Gray
WR: Britt, Shorts III, Landry, Wayne, Hawkins
TE: Rivera, Lewis, Cook, Fleener

Aside from believing too much in the road-sad Steelers AGAIN, week 11 was a good week for us as we cashed every other play but the Game Over in Chicago. We are getting pretty picky on these games as the oddsmakers have put the numbers right on for many of them.


New England vs. Detroit U48 – the Patriots have been rolling nicely along but it has been against far inferior defenses. The Lions come into town sporting one of the stingiest defenses in the NFL. That unit is solely responsible for the success of the team this year by holding all opponents in check, including completely shutting Aaron Rodgers down. Offensively, they have sputtered all year and have not improved with Megatron back, which will hold true again this week as he visits Revis Island. Play the Under 24 in the first half for 7 units and the Under 48 in the game for 7 units.

Indianapolis vs. Jacksonville O50.5 – there may be 100 passes thrown in this game as Indy launches 50 since it has no running game and Jax launches 50 while playing catch-up all game. The Jags will be able to score on Indy, not near enough, but they will score. This game should be an easy Over so play the Colts over the team total of 31.5 for 7 units and the Over of 50.5 in the game for 7 units.

Tampa +5.5 at Chicago – the story about this game is how the defense departed Chicago when Lovie left. Granted, it was not good enough to tout at the time, but Coach Trestman would sure love to have that defense back versus what he is saddled with currently. Josh McCown bears no ill will again his former employer but would like to showcase himself to the legion of Bears fans who would have preferred to see him under center this season and the Cutler millions spent improving the defense. With WR Mike Evans dominating the playing field, he should achieve that. Tampa doesn't win up north when the temps drop below 40…game time temp is expected to be 47. I think the Bucs walk away with a win. Play Tampa at +3 in the first half for 7 units, at +5.5 for the game at 7 units and place 2 units on the moneyline at +205.

St. Louis +4.5 at San Diego – the wrong team is favored here. The Rams are playing better ball right now than the Chargers did at any point in the season. I am not sure if the oddsmakers are thinking that the general public is expecting the Rams to be discovered as frauds or not when setting this line. After beating the Seahawks, Niners, and Broncos, I am not fooled. This team is good…even better with Shaun Hill under center. San Diego has completely underwhelmed for the past month and has gotten by due to eeking past the Raiders twice. I think the Rams win this game outright. Play St. Louis in the first half at +2.5 for 10 units, in the game at +4.5 for 10 units and place 4 units on the moneyline at +190.

Dallas -3 at New York Giants – I hate giving points on the road in divisional games, but it is hard not to take the Cowboys. They are coming off a Bye, are playing the talent-less Giants and are playing in November (Romo is 27-6 in November). The Giants haven’t covered since September so why expect it now. Play the Cowboys in the game minus the field goal for 8 units.

6-point Teaser Of The Week (7-to-1 odds) for 1 units
  • KC -1
  • Philly -5
  • Tampa +11.5
  • Rams +10.5
  • Pats -1
  • Niners -2.5

Season record
  • Sides   23-25  (-50.9 units)
  • Overs   17-11 (+38.1 units)
  • Parlay   1-7  (-8.8 units)
  • Teaser   1-9 (-3.0 units)
  • Moneyline 4-4  (+8.6 units)

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Feeling Foolish?

Lots of owners were Sunday night when Jonas Gray went off for 199 yards and 4 TDs. He was started in 2% of MFS leagues and those were by desperate owners, at the time. As a matter of fact, many owners actually dumped Gray after watching Shane Vereen get most of the work against Denver. This was reminiscent of actions by Ben Roethlisberger owners prior to his first 6-TD game. The streak of 6-TD passing weeks came to an end this past week, though Aaron Rodgers could have repeated if his defense and special teams quit scoring. I guess the new streak is 5-INT games. There is a good chance that we could see The Elite One repeat that effort again this coming week.

Other Notes from Week 11:
  • Speaking of Jonas Gray, he had half of Sunday's overall rushing TDs. Those would be some extremely long odds.
  • Arizona keeps on winning. You have to admire the script that they are writing – much more than the script for Interstellar which I saw over the weekend. Horrible, just horrible. I give it as many stars as the Giants have on their team; one (Odell Beckham Jr.)
  • I see where AP is now suspended for the remainder of the year. The way the NFL makes up the rules regarding personal conduct penalties is a joke. I have a bad feeling that this will lead to some ugly sessions during the next Collective Bargaining Agreement sessions.
  • Starting a Cleveland running back is definitely a crapshoot. I suppose the smartest thing to do is to find out who is listed as the number 3 back for the week and start him.
  • Don't forget about our Crowdfunding campaign!
With a new spate of injuries, the waiver wire will be busy again this week, Jonas Gray aside.

QB: Ryan Mallett (Hou) – RGIII owners have to be looking elsewhere for a QB. Houston will rely heavily on their ground game, but, with DeAndre Hopkins and Andre Johnson as wideouts, it is not hard to envision Mallett being a good starter in the right matchups, like this weekend, especially if you overlooked our recommendations on Drew Stanton and Josh McCown from last week and they are gone.

RB: Bryce Brown (BUF) – with Fred Jackson struggling to get healthy, Brown is seeing the bulk of the workload. He does have a tough matchup versus the Jets this weekend but he does catch enough passes to be useful if you need a starter.

RB: C.J. Anderson (DEN) – Anderson makes a repeat visit here from last week. Many thought that he could be a one-week fill-in with Montee Ball returning, but Ball re-injured his groin last weekend and is reportedly out another 2-3 weeks. Anderson didn't get much ground work last week, but he factored heavily into the passing game.

RB: Dan Herron (IND) – Ahmad Bradshaw might be done for the regular season so Herron’s outlook looks a little brighter. The Colts keep trying to salvage their wasted pick on Trent Richardson by continuing to give him the ball, but, for a team with Super Bowl aspirations, they really need a better running game. Wisdom sez to get Herron into the gameplan. Pick him up in case they see the light.

WR: Kenny Britt (STL) – the Rams have been decimated by injuries under center and at wideout the past few years. After a long bout of injuries himself, Britt seems to be healthy. With strong-armed Shaun Hill under center, Britt becomes more of a deep-ball threat. He may not rack up loads of catches but he is considered the Rams’ number 1 receiver right now.

WR: Wes Welker (Den) – sure, Welker has been a bust this year and is a head-shake away from another concussion, but it is doubtful that Emmanuel Sanders can count the number of fingers on his right hand yet after that shot he took from Rodney McLeod in St. Louis last week. With Julius Thomas banged up and Welker’s original team in town, he becomes a sneaky play this week and he is found on the majority of waiver wires.

TE: Coby Fleener (Ind) – Fleener turned back the clock last weekend and reminded Andrew Luck of the success that they had together in college at Stanford. It helped that TE Dwayne Allen sprained his ankle, but Fleener becomes a must-add for Allen or Thomas owners. His 7/144/0 day shows what he can do on a pass-first team.

TE Jacob Tamme (Den) – it is the week for QB-TE relationships. If Thomas is out this week, Tamme steps into his place and has long-term familiarity with Manning going back a to their Colts years.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

NFL Week 11 Rankings and Picks

I am adding a feature to supplement our Weekly and Daily fantasy football leagues for players to target in addition to the NFL wagering picks this week.

Level 1 (Must have players)
QB: Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Andrew Luck
RB: Matt Forte, Mark Ingram, Le'Veon Bell
WR: Jordy Nelson, Julio Jones, Demaryius Thomas
TE: Mark Gronkowski, Jimmy Graham, Julius Thomas
D: Detroit, Miami, San Fran

Level 2 (Players that follow if Level 1 is out)
QB: Philip Rivers, Ben Roethlisberger, Matt Ryan
RB: Jamaal Charles, LeSean McCoy, Marshawn Lynch
WR: Antonio Brown, Kelvin Benjamin, Randall Cobb
TE: Greg Olsen, Antonio Gates, Travis Kelce
D: Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Kansas City

QB: Mark Sanchez, Josh McCown
RB: Ahmad Bradshaw, Frank Gore
WR: Mike Evans, Brandin Cooks
TE: Kyle Rudolph, Brett Celek
D: New Orleans, Atlanta

Sunday games:
Chicago vs. Minnesota O46 - this matchup has been a high scoring one over the years, even when good defenses were involved. We know that is not the case with the Bears this year. However, I expect the Bears to get into the end zone a bit more frequently than they did in New England and Green Bay. They will continue to have issues stopping the opponent from scoring so the Over becomes an easy play for us here. Pay the Over 23 in the first half for 7 units and over 46 in the game for 7 units.

Green Bay -5.5 vs. Philly - Mark Sanchez looked good last week but he faced a depleted Panthers defense. Green Bay has been playing much better on D, especially against the pass. If LeSean McCoy can't get going on Sunday, this game will get away from them early. Aaron Rodgers is seeing the game in slow motion and will pick apart Philly's D. Play the Pack in the first half for 7 units at -3 and in the game for 7 units at -5.5.

New England ML at Indy O57.5 - Indy has been exposed on defense by good passing teams. I know the dome is a tough place to visit, but, give me the Pats under Belichick as a dog after a Bye week any time. This is an extremely high total, but, weather is not a factor and these teams have too many weapons to not expect a shootout. Play the Pats in the first half for 7 units at +1.5 and forget the points in the game. Play the moneyline for 6 units at +135. I also like the Over 57.5 for 6 units in the game.

Pittsburgh -6 at Tennessee - I expect the Steelers to bounce back after laying an egg in New York to roll over an overmatched divisional foe. The Titans cannot score or play much defense. As long as Ben regains the touch he had before the Jets surprised him, this will be a blowout. Play the Steelers in the first half at -3 for 10 units and in the game for 10 units at -6.
6-point Teaser Of The Week (7-to-1 odds) for 1 units
  • Miami Pick
  • Bears/Vikes O40
  • Atlanta +7.5
  • New Orleans -1
  • Green Bay Pick
  • Pitt Pick
Season record
  • Sides   20-23  (-49.9 units)
  • Overs    15-10 (+32.8 units)
  • Parlay   1-7  (-8.8 units)
  • Teaser   1-8 (-2.0 units)
  • Moneyline 3-4  (+1.5 units)

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Time To Make A Move

We are now into double digit week numbers for the NFL season, which means that fantasy football playoffs are approaching quickly. Those teams hovering at .500, or just under, better make some last ditch effort to make the playoffs. Don’t hesitate to trade a stud, especially at QB, to solidify multiple positions. Trading Peyton, Luck or Brady for a top RB and WR could be just the move that gets you into the post-season mix. QBs are the easiest position to replace, especially now that you are seeing a lot of turnover. Two words that everyone expected to be uttered this season when it came to who will be your Fantasy savior; “Mark Sanchez”!!!!

Week 10 saw a lot of easy fantasy wins turn into losses with the last two games of the week. I personally saw a 50+ point lead evaporate to my Packers fan fantasy opponent who had Aaron Rodgers (and only needed him for a 6-TD 315 yd half), Mason Crosby (who got two FGs when they were already up a gazillion points) and the Green Bay D. Other wins were snatched away by a late long TD to Kelvin Benjamin at the end of MNF and a steady diet of sacks on Cam. Garbage time points for QBs, WRs and Defenses can really turn a fantasy matchup. Of course, they are spotlighted when they come on SNF and MNF.

Other notes from Week 10:
  • Jordy Nelson has 259 receiving yards and 2 TDs in 6 quarters against the Bears this season.
  • Chicago has given up 106 points in its past two games, including being outscored 80-7 in the first half of those games. Hard to believe that the fan base was upset at the quality of their play in the second half of games early in the season.
  • The Jets seem to play their best games against the best teams. Too bad they play a lot of bad teams each year. With the up-and-down NFL, it seems fitting that the hottest QB in the league would completely cool off against the league’s worst pass defense, right?
  • How could no team have given Justin Forsett a longer-term look in the past? Enough teams have had him on their roster.
  • Welcome back, Megatron, we missed you!
  • Seattle had 350 yards rushing….THREE HUNDRED FIFTY! I guess Pete Carroll went back to college and channeled his inner Tom Osborne.
  • What happens to the Saints’ DBs at the end of the game where their only concern should be to NOT let a WR get behind them (See Tampa game and San Fran game)? Has one division ever been so talented and so bad? Remember how bad the NFC West was a few years ago when no one was above .500? Somehow, Atlanta could be in first place in the NFC South after not winning a game prior to last week since 9/18.
  • Many Fantasy team owners, bettors and Survivor Pool participants were treated generously by Arizona’s D last Sunday in the 4th quarter with back-to-back Pick-6s to beat St. Louis going away. That was a huge pick-me-up for a team that knew it just lost its starting QB for the season, though the Stanton-to-Brown scoring bomb may have been more important.
  • Remember to check out our Crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.
If you can’t pull off a big trade, you can always look at the waiver wire for some help. Don’t be afraid to cut some high-priced dead weight on your team hen dropping a player to make room.

QB: Drew Stanton (AZ) – Stanton can seamlessly step into action under center for the rest of the year for the Cardinals since he has 3+ games already under his belt with Palmer on the sidelines. With loads of talent at the offensive skill positions, Stanton can make a nice starter in the proper matchups if you currently own Palmer or Cam as your starter.

QB: Josh McCown (TB) – McCown is back under center in Tampa and returns at a time when the team is better suited offensively with WR Mike Evans now a threat. Their running game is still suspect, but I expect good numbers out of McCown going forward. Once again, a solid play with proper matchups. I prefer him this week to Stanton with a game against the Redskins versus Stanton matching up against the Lions.

RB: Terrance West (CLE) – it is hard to trust the RBBC approach of the Browns, but West is still the best RB out of that trio and it shows in the pct of plays he is involved in over Ben Tate and Isaiah Crowell. Finding any quality RBs now on the waiver wire in 10+ team leagues is rare so grab him if you can.

RB: C.J. Anderson (DEN) – Much like many other teams, Denver’s backfield is a crapshoot. A few weeks ago, it appeared that Juwan Thompson would be next in line for carries after Ronnie Hillman but that all changed last week when Ronnie Hillman’s ankle knocked him out of action. After a game with 163 total yards and a TD on 17 touches, I would expect him to see the majority of action this weekend, but don’t be shocked if it goes to Thompson or even Ball. It is worth the risk if you need an RB though.

WR: Jordan Matthews (PHL) – Matthews was just an underutilized rookie receiver until last week. The Riley Cooper fad officially died and Matthews is VERY happy with Mark Sanchez under center. With a stat line of 7/138/2, he needs to be owned!

WR: Cecil Shorts (JAX) – Though he is off this week, pick up Shorts if you have roster space and need WR depth. He is finally healthy and the other Jags’ receivers are dinged up, including Allen Robinson out for the year.

TE: Mychal Rivera (OAK) – Rivera is an official Must Add now. He has gone for 21/185/3 over his past 3 games, even if a bunch of it was in garbage time. With this team, 60 minutes is garbage time. The Charges are tough on tight ends so temper your expectations for this week, but get him if you need help.

TE: Kyle Rudolph (MINN) – Rudolph is finally going to be activated. He has spent almost the whole season on the waiver wire and is coming off at a good time. The Bears’ D is a wreck, especially across the middle of the field. There is a good chance that he makes an immediate impact.